Need an immigration Lawyer? We re here to help.
Get the best Legal Guidance.
We re here to help.
Get the best Legal Guidance.
Need an immigration Lawyer?
We re here to help.
Get the best Legal Guidance.
Need an immigration Lawyer?

Why you should choose

ECA Lawyers

  • Immigration Law can be complex. The rules for making decision on applications are always changing. And if your application is refused subsequent applications become even difficulty. Do not let this happen to you.

Experience is key here. We are experts and this is what we do. We don’t just understand the rules we would apply the rules to your advantage. We have achieved the right outcome for people in similar situation like you and we can help you too.


Think your situation is different? We tailor our advise to your personal circumstances.


Waiting for immigration decision can be tough. We support you all through the process.


Our fees are fixed and affordable. Once paid you don’t have to worry anymore.

First Meeting
How we work

At the first instance we 'll advice you on your Situation

Every application is different. When we meet you for the first time we would try to understand your immigration history and what you want to achieve with the new application. Once we know your situation we will advise on your option and how best we can help you achieve the outcome you want.

How we work

We guide you collate all the evidence for the application

Immigration applications will have to be submited with a number of documentary evidence. Often applicants may not Know everything they 'll need to support their case or a document may be missing and will not know how to get around it. We will guide you to collect all the information you will need for your application.

How we work

We will complete all the paper work for the application.

In all instances there will be application form to complete. Sometimes they can be a lengthy document but its very important this is done right and the information provided are consistent. To make life easy for everyone we would complete this for you and double check the information with you.

How we work

We submit the application & manage all correspondence then after

Until we have a final decision on your application we would manage all correspondence with the home office on your behalf. The Home office can come back for additional information following the submission of an application. We would contact you immediate and respond to the Home office as soon as possible.

With our comprehensive service you know you ‘ll get the guidance you need throughout the process

Citizen Confirmation


Once your citizen’s application has been granted you will also be required to attend a confirmation ceremony. For many of our clients its not just another ceremony, its a moment of pride and happiness.

At ECA Lawyers we like to part of these stories. We can help you too.

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