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Appendix FM: Family

If you want to your family to join you in the you UK; you have to apply under appendix fm. The law on appendix FM is based on the right to family life and private right. This means unlike other applications if you are refused you can appeal the decision.

Indefinite Leave (ILR)

Depending on the category of visa you should be able to secure an Indefinite Leave to Remain after either 5 or 10 years’ of living in the UK continuously and lawfully. ILR means there will be no time restrictions on your right to live in the UK.

Family Reunion

For an Asylum seeker with a successful claim, you would normally be entitled to apply for your direct family to come over and join you here in the UK. By direct family we mean your wife and children. And must be family you left behind.

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Visitor Visas

If you are looking to visit love ones in the UK or simply want to travel to the UK for tourism reasons you would need a visitor visa. The difficulty is; decisions are base on personal circumstances, you will have to show a clean personal circumstances to succeed.

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Asylum & Protection

Asylum is protection for people fleeing persecution from country of origin. The UK has an international obligation to provide sanctuary to Asylum seekers every years. Once in the UK anyone can apply for asylum but there has to be a genuine story.

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Fresh Claims & Appeals

Refusal of your Asylum claim entitles you to a right of appeal. Your case will have to placed before an immigration Judge to consider your claim. You may also ask the home office to reconsider your claim.

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Bail & Detention

UK border force can detain a person to effect their removal from the UK. Often a detainee would be a person in breach of the UK immigration rules or suspected. Whatever the situation the person can apply for bail. We specialize in asylum bail claims

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Statelessness is a claim to no state. The biggest challenge to you if claiming stateless is often you are unable to establish their own identity. if prove successfully it offers a route to settlement under the UK immigration rules.

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British Nationality

Normally if you have live in the UK for a period of 5 years or more (in some cases 3 years) you may qualify for British Citizenship. There is no obligation to become a British but for most people its a symbol of having made the UK their home.

Business & Work Visas

For individuals looking to come or continue to stay in the UK in a professional capacity in order to pursue a career path; there are several visa categories available to support such professionals and UK businesses in search of these skilled personnel.

EU Family Permits

EU Family permit offers a path way for Non EEA-Family members to join their EEA family person in the UK. At the moment the Government is requiring both EEA nationals and their family members in the UK to register for the EUSS or the pre- settled status.

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Tier 4

Tier 4 is the UK immigration category for overseas student to come over the UK to study. The starting point for a student is to secure an admission is an institution of Higher learning. This institution will issue out a CAS which is used to apply for a tier 4 visa.

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